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Huntress (2013)

Paperwork (2011)


Pattern ID

The Incomplete - Paris

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"Pattern ID" at the Kemper Museum

Aya Uekawa

"Good" Girl Julia (Caesar's Daughter)

"Good" Girl Julia (Caesar's Daughter) , 2015

The Living Dead (Eostre)

The Living Dead (Eostre) , 2015

Fantastical Orient (Mie as Odelisque)

Fantastical Orient (Mie as Odelisque), 2015

"Airy" Julia (Caesar's Sister)

"Airy" Julia (Caesar's Sister) , 2015

"Egoist" Julia (Augusts' Daughter)

"Egoist" Julia (Augusts' Daughter), 2015

Yoshiwara Girl (Celebrity Slave)

Yoshiwara Girl (Celebrity Slave) , 2015

The Heroes (Judith and Salome)

The Heroes (Judith and Salome) , 2014

Yoshiwara Girl (Umbrella Lover)

Yoshiwara Girl (Umbrella Lover) , 2015

Yoshiwara Girl

Yoshiwara Girl , 2014

Stupid Ophelia

Stupid Ophelia, 2013

A Stupidly Lovely Headdress

A Stupidly Lovely Headdress, 2013

Mimic Octopus' Dream

Mimic Octopus' Dream, 2011

Floating Head

Floating Head, 2011


Floralia, 2010

Paradise Crow

Paradise Crow, 2009

Exoticist (King of Saxony Bird of Paradise)

Exoticist (King of Saxony Bird of Paradise), 2009

Exoticist (Victoria Crowned Pigeon)

Exoticist (Victoria Crowned Pigeon), 2009

One Thousand and One Nights

One Thousand and One Nights, 2008

A Euro Lover

A Euro Lover, 2006

A Team Player Candidate (The Pearl Necklaces)

A Team Player Candidate (The Pearl Necklaces), 2005

A Suburban Team Player Candidate

A Suburban Team Player Candidate, 2005

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